Homme, sometimes referred to as Humans or Men, are the most widespread, varied and dominant race across the world of Ailenor. Whilst there are several derived groups of Homme, they are all born from the same race, with only slight differences and geography dividing them.


Farrah are considered by most historians as the first race of Homme to appear in Ailenor, sometime during the Forgotten Ages. This consensus is a result of the many ruins and artefacts found that predate any other Homme group. As their namesake suggests, Farrah first appeared on the Farrah realm, scattered in tribal societies. They are distinguishable from the other Homme races by their tanned skin, darker hair and more slender athletic physiques. For unclear reasons, Farrah with arcane abilities are almost always centred around the aspects of creation and life.


The So'Qua, like the Farrah, have existed in Ailenor since the Forgotten Ages. Until the Age of Advancement, the So'Qua were almost entirely confined to their home continent of So'Qua. This is accounted to their tendency to remain in tribal communities and the isolating environment of the realm. So'Qua are often dark in tone, taller than most other Homme (besides the Invaldi), and have naturally hardened skin on their feet. So'Qua also have comparatively heightened senses from generations of hunting and tracking.

Val Homme

The Val Homme, literally meaning Men of the Gods, are the youngest race of Homme in Ailenor. They first appeared on the Hearthland Realm during the Age of Dissipation, and are said to have travelled across the seas from Val Domum. It is unknown if or for how long the Val Homme were present on Val Domum, now a vast arctic wasteland. The Val Homme are now the most populous and widespread race in existence. The Val Homme are hardy settlers, able to colonise and live in even the most isolated corners of the world. They are also skilful adapters, able to learn and master almost any task or trades they set their minds to.


The Invaldi are a lesser known group of Homme hailing from the northern reaches of Whitecrow. Little is known about the history of the Invaldi, who to this day still opt to live in very insular ritualistic communities far away from other settlements. It is believed that Invaldi once were great users of the arcane before the Age of Dissipation. Invaldi often stand between 8 and 9 foot tall and have large bulky builds. They are naturally immune to most poisons, and are slightly slower than other Homme.

Forgotten Homme

Several other groups of Homme have lived in the world of Ailenor in ages past. Few, if any of these groups have survived to this day, with many dying out during the Forgotten Ages of Age of Emergence. The Epotim were a group of men settled on the island of Vermillion. They are thought to have lived in a caste-based society, with high priests of arcane power presiding over hundreds of willing slaves. The consensus between researchers on the subject is that they destroyed themselves with unwieldily arcane magics, leaving nothing behind but ancient relics and their ziggurats. Avatars were a race of Homme able to shapeshift into the form of various beasts and creatures. Most were hunted to extinction during the Bloody Age by both Orcs and Val Homme alike.


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