Thrinax are beast/fungal hybrids, notorious for their mean temperament and unique appearance. They resemble canines, but are easily distinguishable due to their earthy colour and segmented hide consisting of rock-like shards. These shards are actually mutated spores, owed to their fungal hybrid heritage.

Thrinax are usually only found in heavily forested areas across the Hearthlands and Anarcam, and are known for claiming small caves as their preferred residences. They are predominantly pack hunters, tending to live together in small groups, and adopt nocturnal patterns.

One of those most unusual characteristics of a Thrinax is its ability to fire the rock-like shards from its body in all directions as a devastating defence mechanism. This process renders the Thrinax without its valuable hardened exterior until it regenerates over several weeks, but very few victims survive the initial barrage to take advantage of this.


Ailenor Oddeh