Sliff is the common streetname for the refined extract of the Sliphestus Cap mushroom. It is typically presented as a fine white powder and has a distinct aroma of sea water. Sliff is notorious across much of Ailenor for its addictive nature and psychological properties. Sliff is considered illegal or forbidden within many of the major Kingdoms. It is sometimes added to medicinal remedies, but is mainly ingested in its pure form. The powder must be kept dry at all times, often in a waterproof pouch, or it will reach dangerous levels of potency.


The exact effects of Sliff vary from race to race. Generally it causes intense bursts of energy and adrenaline, accompanied by a feeling of euphoria. These effects last for several hours depending on size, dose and resilience. Side effects of prolonged use often include; exhaustion, bloodshot eyes, sweating, hallucination and disorientation.


The refinement process for Sliff involves the dehydration of a large quantity of Silphestus Caps. Once dried, the mushrooms are submerged in salt water for one full Moon Cycle. The rehydrated mushrooms are then dehydrated once more and ground into a fine white powder. This powder is sometimes mixed with other herbs or ingredients to provide additional effects or flavours.


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