Night Cap


Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis, or Night Caps as they are more commonly known, are bipedal fungus creatures that inhabit swamps and marshlands across Ailenor. Contrary to popular belief, the Night Cap itself is actually a collection of rapidly developing fungal spores, rather than a true sentient creature in its own right.

Night Cap spores collect around corpses, forming black root-like strands and fungal protrusions. Over the course of several days the spores gain control of the nervous system before it decays too greatly, and ultimately begins to operate the hosting cadaver. This gives them limited control over the motor functions of the host, and gives credence to their incorrect association with the undead. Night Caps will eject their spores on a regular basis, hoping to infect other corpses and continue their life-cycle.

The size, shape and other features of a Night Cap are entirely based around the host and strain of spore, varying greatly as a result. Their fungal and root-like appearance often allows them to go unnoticed in their preferred environments.

Night Caps are viewed as highly dangerous entities. They will often attack anything or anyone within reach in an effort to create new corpses to infect. Their spores are also highly poisonous to most races.

Night Cap

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