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Major Races

Dwarf      Elf-folk      Goblin      Half-folk      Homme      Orc      Risen      Saurian

Kingdoms & Empires

Abahki Sultunate      Barothisian Empire      Blackguard      The Byfleet Collective     The Clan Lands      Dwimmer Holds      The Emerald Order      The Free Peoples      Farrahkiin Dominion      Hammernail Holds      Ironpalm Holds      Moonfire      Mo’Tal      Opal Council      Order of Lithilian      Orthos Crusade      The Risen Remnants      So’Lu’Tan      So’Vuu Horde      So’Xai      Val Boltar Rebellion     
Val Domus Empire      Val Mareshi Kingdom      Val Massi Empire


Anarcam      Farrah      Hearthland      Pyre      So’Qua      Whitecrow      Val Domum

Guilds & Societies

Freehands Guild      Guild of Dungeoneering      Order of Vesna     
Scholarly Society


Church of Val      Followers of Korah      Red Dusk      Via’Noldar

Creatures & Beasts

Arcanamite      Carnic Beast      Crowlock      Night Cap      Skullder      Thrinax

Alchemicals & Ingredients

Bora Root      Sliff


Ages of Ailenor      Games & Gambling      Time & Date System

Main Page

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