Arcanamites are strange arcane infused creatures that dwell deep underground. They resemble small scarab insects consisting of reflective purple gemstone. They vary slightly in size, but are rarely larger than 3-4 inches across.

Hardly anything is truly known about Arcanamites and their origins due to their rarity, almost alien nature, and long since forgotten arcane secrets. What is known however, is that they seek out arcane sources, often creating large hive networks nearby. They appear to feed from the arcane power, absorbing it for survival. Whilst docile if left well alone, Arcanamites will protect their networks and arcane sources with ferocity, attacking trespassers in a swarm with their razor sharp needles and appendages.

Gemstones and jewellery made from Arcanamites are highly prized by the wealthy and students of the arcane.


Ailenor Oddeh