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  • Redbridge

    h2. Overview
    *Realm:* [[Hearthland | Hearthland]] *Kingdom:* [[Hommebar | Hommebar]] *Province:* [[Leife | Leife]] *Allegiance:* Val Domus Empire *Population:* 2800 *Races:* 82% Homme / 5% Dwarf / 4% Half-Folk / 2% Elf / 7% Other …

  • The Cracked Kiln

    h2. Overview
    *The Cracked Kiln* is an Inn situated in [[Redbridge | Redbridge]] that caters for merchants and travellers crossing the River Maw. The Inn is run by [[:jeppy | Jeppy Hodd]] and his family.

  • Temple of Iras (Redbridge)

    h2. Overview
    The *Temple of Iras* in [[Redbridge | Redbridge]] was one of the first buildings erected in the town by the Church of Val. Need for a place of worship grew soon after construction of the bridge, with followers of Iras …

  • Kazahr Mael

    *Kazahr* is a Guardian within the [[Guild of Dungeoneering | Guild of Dungeoneering]], overseeing the Redbridge Guildhouse. Kazahr has overseen operations in [[Redbridge | Redbridge]] for over 30 years, and has become somewhat of a local legend.

  • Wro’To Sax’ar

    *Wro'To* is an Intrepidus in the [[Guild of Dungeoneering | Guild of Dungeoneering]]. Despite being a self-governing delver, Wro'To chooses to remain close to the Redbridge Guildhouse where he spent most of his youth, lending a hand to new recruits and …

  • Baron Ezial Gotchkey

    *Ezial Gotchkey* is the Baron of [[Redbridge | Redbridge]]. His family were responsible for the construction of the now famous red bridge across the River Maw. The Gotchkey family were awarded the charter for the town in recognition of their contribution …