Yvilla Willow

Bark Burner Commander / Val Exlovara of the Guild of Dungeoneering


Yvilla was a highly proficient Scout for the Order of Lithilian. She commanded a group of guerrilla operatives during the Glade Clashes (AoK 23 – 25). Over the course of many missions and growing neglect from the Lithilian Order, Yvilla became alienated by her own commanders. Yvilla, and her likeminded operatives, left their posts and defected to the Val Domus Empire. Yvilla’s group became known as the Bark Burners after they began to carry out raids on their former comrades for the Empire.

After the conflict subsided, Yvilla remained in Val Domus territory and began to explore the Hearthlands with her Bark Burners. They conducted many successful expeditions to long lost caverns and ruins during this time. Yvilla was constantly in the employ of Val Domus nobles, and often found herself mingling with the aristocracy of the Empire as a result. It has also been rumored that she converted to the Church of Val.

In AoK 32, at the height of Yvilla’s renown, the Guild of Dungeoneering was formed by Tullius Boltar and his council. Yvilla was selected to be the head of this new organisation, acting as Val Exlovara. Yvilla continued her explorations and delves for many years, assimilating her Bark Burners into the ranks of the Guild.

In AoK 47 Yvilla was killed on a Guild contract to cleanse a dilapidated Val Temple outside Old Thaddian that had been overrun by Night Caps.

Yvilla Willow

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