Ollatur Bishopson


Ollatur ‘Olly’ Bishopson is a Half-Orc male. He stands at 6’8", has broad shoulders and weighs in at around 120kg thanks in no small part to his orc heritage. While still having small tusks, his face is softer and more pleasant appearance than the traditional orc. His skin is a mix of human skin tone with a hint of green orc blood. He wears normal leather armour, carries a sheild and a warhammer.


Born in the Clan-Lands of Pyre, OllaturBishopson was the offspring of the unusual love of a human mercenary and an orc woman. Olly spent his early life on the outskirts of the Clan-Lands before his mother met an untimely death due to an illness. Having only his father left Olly was heavily influenced by him and his war stories. Eventually they traveled back to Bishop’s more familiar territory within the Val Domus Empire. His father retired from mercenary work shortly after Olly was born and was crestfallen when Olly’s mother passed away. In an effort to cheer his father up and make him proud Olly went to join the Guild of Dungeoneering.

Ollatur Bishopson

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