Oli Macedan

Val Exlovarus of the Guild of Dungeoneering


Oli Macedan enlisted in the Val Domus Army at a young age. He proved himself a capable fighter and an even more formidable strategist. After finding himself in a position of command, Macedan earned a great deal of respect from his troops during the early years of Val Domus expansion. He ultimately reached the rank of Field Marshal before sustaining a leg injury in battle. The injury soon forced Macedan to retire from the army and instead join the Guild of Dungeoneering. His strategic intellect enabled him to head many expeditions and become a Guardian within two years. Soon after, in AoK 41, he was appointed as Guild Marshal by Yvilla Willow.

In AoK 47 Macedan was appointed Val Exlovarus of the Guild of Dungeoneering after the death of the Yvilla. During his time as Val Exlovarus, Macedan built the Guild to become a well organised machine. Many of his accomplishments can still be seen in the day-to-day runnings of the Guild, but none more-so than the mighty Deephall of Brennan, now home to the Guild itself.

In AoK 71 Macedan, feeling his age, retired from the Guild, soon to be succeeded by Prima Odette. He now resides in the Deephall of Brennan, overseeing operations where he can.

Oli Macedan

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